Clues For Extended Cannabis Shelf Life

Usually cannabis has an indefinite life on the shelf. However, you have to maintain some specific conditions for this to occur.  For extended cannabis shelf life, the weed must be handled correctly. In other words, the harvest cycle and growth procedure must be carefully managed. In addition, the cannabis must be stored properly. Once you meet the specific conditions, you will have fresh cannabis on your hands for your users and you could enjoy your favorite marijuana strain for ten years down the road as it continues to maintain its quality.  

Unfortunately, many cannabis growers do not cultivate their crop with extended cannabis shelf life in mind. Consumers are unable to control the outcome of the cannabis quality and so it is the grower’s responsibility to handle the crop appropriately. Before cannabis products leave a marijuana dispensary, it is best to go through the products and find out which ones are old and which ones are bad. Label these so as not to give them to customers. You don’t want to have your customers puffing moldy weed, right? Below are several clues that can be used to identify old and bad marijuana.The Unfortunate

The Aroma

The smell is a great giveaway to let you know that the products have no extended cannabis shelf life. One particular strain that does not hold true to this is Terpenes. They are unreliable and don’t usually stay around for long, if you don’t treat them well. This is your first clue in establishing a smoke-worthy marijuana strain. Once your terpenes appear to look vibrant, then this is a certainty that your weed is fine. It is still important to look for additional smells for quality compromise. One red flag you should pay attention to - is the presence of mold. Your weed will smell musty and look mildewed. If your cannabis product is not stored properly, it might smell musty. Usually it is best to store in tightly closed jars.

The Visual

You can look at your cannabis product and tell that it is going bad or it is old. For that reason, it won’t have the extended cannabis shelf life. When cannabis is healthy, it shows. If you cannot identify your strain as cannabis by visually looking at it, then it is either old or bad. When cannabis is dried out, it breaks apart, looking like fine powder. Do not mistake this for kief, which is also broken down into powder. Instead, dried cannabis breaks down finely into seeds and stems. You will probably see mold growing between the trichomes as a powdery mass.

Testing the Taste

To really tell if you will have extended cannabis shelf life, you should do a cannabis taste test. But, only taste it, if there are no visible moldiness or if your marijuana looks and feels healthy. When you break apart the buds, you should feel that snap between your fingers. Go ahead, try it! If you don’t spend time inspecting your weed, then you shouldn’t smoke it or let anyone else do the same. With that being said, if you do smoke cannabis and it doesn’t give you a good smoke, then it is bad. You will likely notice this really quickly as soon as you take that first puff.

Tangible Clues

In handling your marijuana bud, you will be able to identify its quality. If you find any nugs, be sure to pull them away from each other. Look to make sure that the buds are not overly compressed. You should also look for moisture and disintegration when you put it between the fingers. When you make physical contact with your weed, this can tell you of the extended cannabis shelf life.

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